by Random Punters

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released October 14, 2007




Random Punters Strasbourg, France

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Track Name: Forks and Knives
Billy went to a queer party
He drank a lot of whisky
Things to do when young and bored
Bound by 6 strings to this world
We're all doomed so what's the use
Get lost and pass the booze
Embrace the end with self-abuse
Cuz neither we are born to lose

Billy came to drink not to get laid
He doesn't have much food in his plate
But he's got a lot of forks and knives
And he's gonna cut something

He knows booze's the answer
But can't remind the question
Track Name: Everything is fucked
It's kinda hard to find out what to say
It's pretty tough to pick up you own way
Until you realize fear is common out there
Don't bother, everyone feels the way you do
Objective depression caused by system's dysfunction
So don't give up the fight, cuz we are on your back
When everything is fucked